Ornamin Non-Slip Board - Small

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Ornamin Non-Slip Board - Small


Special eating aid for easy eating and preparing with one hand.

Eating Independently with One Hand.

With this eating board, even people with limited hand mobility can prepare their bread independently and comfortably - both left-handed and right-handed. The raised edge on three sides prevents the bread slice from slipping. In addition, the anti-slip coating on both sides of the plastic board provides a secure hold, as it cannot be moved around on the table. This combination makes it easier to spread the bread. This also makes it possible for people with physical limitations to eat independently. The recesses on the edge also make it easy to remove the breakfast board from the table and stack it in a simple and space-saving way. In contrast to the more compact breakfast board (model 900), this breakfast board offers a larger usable surface.

Tableware for Every Season

The matching ORNAMIN preparation aid (model 960) gives both bread rolls and cucumbers, apples, cheese or other foods a perfect hold when cutting and preparing. It can be attached to the three raised edges of the chopping board with just one hand. Thanks to the practical tab, the preparation aid can be removed just as easily. It sits firmly on the raised edge of the chopping board so that nothing slips when cutting and smearing. The board is a practical special eating aid for seniors or people with handicaps, in care, with illnesses such as stroke, Alzheimer's, dementia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

Use with the optional Food Preparation Aid to help hold fruit, vegetable or cheese.

 Ornamin M900

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Ornamin Non-Slip Board - Small

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