Royal Quick Wraps Deluxe (Pair)

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Royal Quick Wraps Deluxe (Pair)


Royal Quick Wraps Deluxe - the world’s smoothest leg wraps for horses! Our quick wraps have always been a favourite among our customers. Now we are launching a new and updated deluxe model of this classic product. The wraps consist of two parts, a durable and sturdy outer shell, and a thick pad with Welltex® technology. The Royal Deluxe model is anatomically shaped for the

best possible comfort and fit. They are slightly curved at the top to minimize pressure on the tendon and provide increased freedom of movement to the horse’s legs. The pad has a reinforced and water-repellent fabric at the bottom towards the hoof. Quick wraps are simple and easy to use, an excellent alternative to wrapping the legs. Four strong hook and loop straps ensure a personalized and secure fit both in the stable and when traveling. The outer shell and the pad are fastened together with hook and loop, which facilitates washing and drying. The inner pad has our well-known Welltex® technology, which can help stimulate blood circulation through far-infrared energy. The effect may help to relieve the discomfort for horses that have problems with ligaments, tendons, and joints. Our customers often use the Quick Wraps to prevent injuries and support recovery from ailments such as inflammation and swelling or osteoarthritis.

• Welltex® technology • Anatomical tailored fit• Durable & strong hook & loop fastening• Reinforced & water resistant hem


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Royal Quick Wraps Deluxe (Pair)

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